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About Us

Guinnux is an embedded Linux distribution based on Arch Linux ARM. It is developed and maintained by Keystone Electronic Solutions and makes it easy to construct custom packages and solutions. It adopts the Arch Linux way of doing things, but with much-needed extras.

The Guinnux rescue file system allows users to boot into flash should the embedded system fail, and allows for simple system recovery. The system can be recovered without having to re-flash an image – a useful addition which saves more than just time!

Keystone has also adapted the boot loader so users are able to boot kernels from any external file system. This allows for Keystone to distribute and upgrade kernel packages from anywhere and at any time, without interrupting service.

Keystone’s team of expert engineers have customized the build tool which comes with the arch distro so it is a lot easier for clients to construct custom packages and solutions.

How does it look like?

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