SA’s Guinnux Linux distro now has an RPi Noobs image

If you know anything at all about Linux/computers, you’ve probably heard of Ubuntu, the outrageously popular operating system with South African roots. But Ubuntu is not alone: the locally made Guinnux distro is quietly building up fans, and has just been made available as an image for NOOBS, the Raspberry Pi installer for New  Out of the Box Software. What that means is that installing Guinnux on a Raspberry Pi is really easy.

Guinnix itself is an Arch Linux derivative specifically designed for embedded systems and internet of things devices – making it ideal for developers building on Raspberry Pi as a hardware platform. What makes it particularly interesting is that the Centurion-based Keystone Electronic Solutions, which maintains Guinnix, also maintains the toolchain for desktop IDEs, making it relatively straightforward to develop on a desktop then cross-compile for ARM systems like RPi.

Full instructions for adding Guinnix to a standard NOOBS install are here.

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